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Would you pay a considerable amount of money to see a “live” band if the lead singer was a hologram? Well if you are fan of Black Sabbath, you may have already done so!

Former Black Sabbath frontman Ronnie James Dio, who died of stomach cancer in 2010, went on tour last year as a hologram.

The 100-concert world tour, featuring a holographic display of Dio, was instigated by Dio’s widow, Wendy. The technology, developed by Jeff Pezzuti of Eyellusion, was used on the tour where the band played live in time with old recordings. Only two songs featured the hologram. Even so, they each took around 9 months to create. The hologram isn’t simply a recording from an old live show, it is created from scratch in a computer. Every movement, his look and stagewear was created specially for the tour.

Holographic artists have been met with mixed opinions. Once the novelty of the technology wears off, people begin to question the morals of the task. Is it with respect, or tribute? Or is it just a way of raking in extra cash from ticket sales that will go to the deceased’s family? It would certainly stand to reduce the number of performances available to living artists.

Eyellusion’s ambition is to create concerts of whole bands who no longer perform, as a cheaper way of giving their fans a way of experiencing the “live” shows at any time. A way for “lazy” musicians to make money, instead of live tribute bands taking over? As a musician myself, I don’t actually approve of either solution. What do you think?

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