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What if I want a remix made at a much later date?

If you have a record deal with us, your project will be saved on our archive drives for as long as space allows. We used to upload our projects to a data centre in the USA that offered a “Files Forever” service. Unfortunately, when we came to need some old files for re-mixing we discovered to our horror that the company’s data centre had been damaged beyond repair and most of the files had been lost. Of course they gave me my money back, but it just goes to show that unless you have multiple backups in different locations, nothing is ever 100% safe. This is a point to note now that many people and large organisations are transferring all their data to “the cloud”.

However, I’ve managed to keep a lot of my old projects for over 10 years by managing my own archives, therefore, you could come back at any time in the future and we might still have the files available for you to do what ever you like with the mix.

If you are an independent client of Bakehouse Studio, you are able to download the full project from our servers as soon as it is finished and all outstanding fees have been paid. It is then your responsibility to keep the archive safe. We can’t guarantee that we will have the storage space available to keep it for more than a few weeks after that.

Whilst I can’t stress enough that you need to keep your own backups of the projects you download, if you also want me to keep a copy in my archives as a secondary backup, I can do so for just £1 per Gb of data. Since hard drives notoriously tend to fail without warning, if either of us lose our copy we will need to get a new copy from each other.  This procedure should be pretty reliable in maintaining a copy for many years.

What if I can’t get back to your studio to finish my project for a while. Will I lose the work that I’ve completed and paid for so far?

If you cancel follow-up sessions and don’t return within a reasonable time to finish your project, we cannot guarantee keeping your project for more than a few months. It depends how busy we are. We have about 2TB of archive drive space, but this can be used quite quickly if we have a busy period. The best thing is to let us know your plans as soon as you become unsure as to when you can return. Providing you are up to date with any fees, I will give you the link to download your project from my server. So long as you keep the files safe, you will be able to bring them back at any time in the future to finish your project, or even take them to any other studio. If you don’t have hard drive space for your project (which can be anything up to 10Gb for the average demo project), you have two options… We can either archive them onto DVD, or keep a backup for you at a cost of £1 per Gb. However, I can’t guarantee that the backup wont be lost due to drive failure if you are unable to keep a backup too. After all, I don’t have a professional data centre here with space for multiple copies.

If you choose to have them on DVD, we must advise you that this is an unreliable media that needs to be backed up at least once every 2 years in order to avoid data loss. We will however, supply the initial copy for free.

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