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Ok, we’ve all been there! It can be so frustrating to shop for a gift when you know that whatever you choose, is either going to be met with a look of disappointment or a smile that says “I’ve already got one of those”

Well if that special someone has more than a passing interest in music; if they are the kind of person who will get up on stage every week in the karaoke bar; if they like to write poetry and have an unspoken dream of hearing their words in a song; then we have something special for them here. Even if your special someone is a singer/songwriter, or in a band, or they like to play their trombone at all hours; then we have something special for them here.

Unique Gifts! – Purchase these gifts by clicking any date on our calendar & selecting them from the list that appears below it

“Studio Time Gift Vouchers” – Available in permutations of 2, 4, 8, 16, or 24 hours. Any musician would love a gift of some studio time that they can use at any time in the future. Face Value £25 per hour. Normal price breaks apply (See “Prices”).

Personalised Songs (“My Record Release”)– A unique song written and recorded for and about someone close to you, with the option to have it made into a record and released on the Wobbly Music Label. – £499. This is a unique opportunity. We are the only company offering this service. If this is a gift for someone who also writes lyrics, plays an instrument, or sings, this can be their gift of a lifetime! If they take the option of a record release, it could also have the potential to earn royalties for many years to come. At the very least, seeing their record on sale on the Internet is something they can show off to all their friends. It might even get played on the radio!

“Audio Xperience” – £69 & £99. If you know someone with a desire to sing, they can spend 2 or 4 hours in our studio singing up to 4 of their favourite songs. We have nearly 5,000 songs available in our Backing Track Repository that are available for free exclusively to our clients. We will send them their selected songs in advance so that they can practice at home before coming to the studio. We will then record their performances and mix them in with the backing tracks with all the necessary effects processing for a professional result. Extra CD copies may be purchased for £2.50p each.

“Video Xperience” – £149. As above, but they will record just one song and have 6 hours to include filming the performance and then editing into a music video. The video will be burnt to DVD with a printed label and insert. The video will also be published on our website and on YouTube (Unless you ask us not to!). Extra DVD copies may be purchased for £3 each.

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