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Most people book studio time only when they have a project that they have a specific use for, but strangely I sometimes get asked by prospective clients “OK I want to come in and record my song, but then what do I do with it?”

So for those of you who have this problem, here are 20 ideas for what you can do with your recording after I’ve worked my magic and made it into a radio-ready product for you.

  1. Play it to all your friends and pose as a pop star.
  2. Use it as a gig demo. Get some copies made and mail them to your local venues in order to acquire gigs.
  3. Use it as a song demo. If it is a song you wrote yourself, send it to publishers or song libraries who specialise in finding outlets for your kind of music.
  4. Use it as a band demo. Send it to record companies, music managers or entertainment agencies to try and get yourself a record deal, manager, or agent.
  5. Use it in a video. Use it in a video you make yourself; or offer it to film producers for free in order to get your foot on the ladder to the film industry.
  6. Use it as a personal gift for a loved-one. A Christmas present for someone who has everything?  – Sorted!
  7. Send it to your local radio stations and see if it gets on their playlist. Perhaps they will even invite you to do an interview!
  8. Send it to your local newspaper and become this week’s local celebrity.
  9. Upload it to internet radio stations and music eZines and try to get more exposure and articles from them.
  10. Offer it to software designers to use in their latest software (Games in particular use a lot of independently produced music).
  11. Offer it to web designers to publish on their websites.
  12. Offer it to businesses for their advertising or corporate videos.
  13. Offer it to music teachers as a resource for their lessons.
  14. Offer it to dance and fitness coaches to use in their classes.
  15. Offer it to some local pubs for their jukebox or to play as background music (Royalty-free if it’s your own song!).
  16. Upload it to your MySpace, Facebook, Reverbnation, [insert music networking site here], accounts to let others hear it for free (or even buy it).
  17. Offer it as a free download on a squeeze page and start building a mailing list of fans.
  18. Add a paypal button to your website and sell it yourself.
  19. Get it released properly on my record label and have it distributed to all the major online stores. (Contact me for more details).
  20. Add it to your iPod and enjoy playing it on your way to [insert location here] – After all, it’s your music, so you will love it the most!!
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