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Bakehouse Studio

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Instead of a monthly offer, this one will continue throughout the summer months.

My latest offer goes out to all local bands and performing artists. Book 10 midweek evening rehearsal sessions and get an 8-hour recording session worth £128 for FREE!

At the end of each rehearsal you will get a coupon to collect. When you have 10 saved, you can redeem them for a voucher code to book your free recording session.

Rehearsal sessions are £20 per session which is for up to 4 hours Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 6pm and 11pm. A 4-drum premier kit and Vocal PA system with 2 mics is supplied. Bring your own breakables, amps, instruments and any extra mics and stands you might need. Tea & coffee is available if you want to take a break. Or you can bring your own refreshments.

Collect coupons for a free 8 hour recording session!Book your rehearsal sessions by phoning the studio after 6pm on 01254232539; or by text only to 07988957086 at other times.

Offer ends August 31st 2014, but the bands who have started collecting rehearsal vouchers during the offer period, will be able to continue until 30th November 2014.

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