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CopyHeadphonesRecord & Produce your next release at Bakehouse Studio and get a free distribution deal with 1000 radio plays on

Your record will be officially released on the Wobbly Music label and will go into all the major online stores such as Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and many more. It will also be featured in our own store at where commercial users can also license the music.

This is a special one-time-only deal that is only available to local artists who book their recording sessions at the normal rates via our calendar at This deal is not available in conjunction with any other special price option such as the Timeshare, Project pricing, or other discount coupons. Offer ends on May 31st 2016. You will receive 100% of all net sales and licensing revenue. You will retain your own publishing rights so that any performance royaties can be forwarded directly to you by your performing rights agent. You will retain 100% of all copyrights in the recording, which you will assign to Wobbly Music for release purposes only.

This deal will be based on our BASIC distribution deal (Available at ), but with the addition of the Jango airplay and a 100% royalty payout.

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