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If you were eagerly awaiting my August Offer, I do apologise for missing it completely! However, I seem to be back on this planet now, so I’ve put up a September offer for you!

The September offer is great for those of you who are already halfway through recording your own release. Those who have already laid down their tracks but don’t perhaps have the time nor the skill required to turn them into a radio-ready master.

To help you out with this time-consuming process, I’m offering my skills as your producer/engineer at a 20% discount this month. You can purchase the time in blocks of 4 hours. Normally £50, for this month only you can bank as many hours as you feel you need for only £10 per hour. With professional producers charging anything up to £10,000 PER SONG!!!, you can’t fail to realise that at just £10 per hour, this is an offer not to be missed!

Once the hours are purchased, you can use them at any time in the future. You don’t have to use them during September.

So how does remote production work?

Well, having recorded all the tracks required for your project, you then upload the raw WAV files to my server. At the hours you book, using our online booking calendar, I will be available to work solely on your project. If you are local to my studio, you are welcome to come along and sit in on the mixing process and learn from watching how it all comes together. If you are on the other side of the World, you can connect with me by IMS or Skype with a text, audio or video link and hear how the project is evolving as I am working on it. OR you can log in to my live producer cam and watch me working on your project live. Just let me know which method you’d prefer and I’ll send you the relevant connection details.

Alternatively, if you have better things to be doing, you can quite happily leave me to work on your project at the times you have booked and then await an email from me with updates as to how the project is progressing. Once the project is mixed, an MP3 will be sent to you for approval.  You can then either request changes to the mix, or tell me to go ahead and master it. The mastering process will take a further 2-3 hours per song and the project will then be supplied to you in 4 formats…

  • A 24/96 “SMQ” stereo mix (DVD Audio quality)
  • A 16/44 “CDQ” stereo mix (CD Audio quality)
  • A 128kbps “Hi” stereo MP3 (Download Store quality)
  • A 40kbps “Lo” Mono MP3 (Streaming quality)

So what are you waiting for? Click a date on my calendar and bank some hours now! 

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