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Today in session, Steve Brown came to re-record acoustic guitar and vocals to some songs that he played with his band down in the West Country. Chatting with him, it was interesting to learn that he and his band played at Glastonbury last year. Although he didn’t have time to complete all the tracks today, he took them away on his USB stick so that he can mix them himself at home. I hope to see him again in the near future to finish off the last few tracks.

I haven’t been keeping everyone up to date with the sessions here at Bakehouse Studio recently. This is because I’ve really been too busy with other things and not found time to blog about them.

A couple of evenings a week are now taken up by a couple of regular bands who have been using the studio to rehearse. This isn’t something I’ve been encouraging too much as I only have the one live room and I should really be keeping it free for recording sessions. However, whilst the recording sessions are few and far between, why not let a few bands take advantage of a pleasant space to rehearse? If you are with a local band seeking somewhere nice to rehearse for a while, give me a call and take advantage of the space whilst it’s quiet as eventually recording sessions will start to take priority.

Rehearsal sessions are available weekday evenings for £20 a session and include the use of Drums and PA. If you are rehearsing in order to get ready for a recording project, I’m sure I can give you a good deal on the whole package.

Last October Dom Rumble used the studio to record some demos. Unfortunately he chose to start more songs than we could finish during his first two sessions. Following an accident around Christmas where he broke a collar bone; he was unable to make it back to the studio. Instead he used my Remote Production Service to get his tracks finished off, mixed and mastered. This involved me getting a bass player in to provide bass for most of the songs, whilst I programmed all the drums and keyboards. The mixes are all now finished and I’m just waiting for him to get back to me regarding the mastering.

Also in October, local indie band Black Watch spent a couple of days in the studio recording their first demo of two original songs. The session was filmed, so eventually I’ll be editing it down for broadcast on the Bakehouse Studio YouTube channel.

In November another local band, who at the time called themselves the Last Chance Rock Gods chose Bakehouse Studio to record their demo of three cover songs. Hopefully the demo led to them getting plenty of new gigs. Their session was also filmed, so watch out for that.

During November and December the studio rang to the sound of some talented vocalists. Some booked our X-Factor Audio Xperience Sessions, whilst those with other items on their agendas, simply booked the studio time as required. The video editing work is mounting up! In the pipeline are videos for Amanda Kay, Jane Grime, Steph Parsonson, Rebekah & Jonathan Hinchliffe and Ian Helm.

Finally, remember Mr Ali who I blogged about this time last year? Well he went back to Pakistan for a month with a CD that wasn’t quite finished. He was planning to return in June to finish it off, but I didn’t hear from him again … until this February! As with most well-laid plans, things don’t always work out the way you expect, and he ended up staying in Pakistan for nearly a year. Well his family and friends loved his CD, so he’s now back in the studio. Having finished off the old songs, he’s now added a few more during the last two sessions and is planning to come back again during the next few weeks to add some more.

OK. So now you’re all up to date with the sessions here at Bakehouse Studio. Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment!

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