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These past couple of weeks has seen a flurry of activity from some of my regular clients…Larry-Duck

Larry-Duck (Formerly of LDMP) – Has been in the studio auditioning new members and vocalists to join him on his quest for recognition in the Rap/Hiphop genre.  He’s also been exploring new sounds and songs to take forward to the new line-up.

One MOne Man & His Beardan & His Beard has finally recorded a new song! Continuing his campaign to save our British Badgers now that new culls have begun in the West Country, he will be taking his new song “National Badger Day” to the meetings and  demonstrations organised by other campaigners, where he will no doubt be joining Brian May of Queen who is also an ardent supporter.

Robert George Fox was in the studio this week to record a song he wrote for a dear friend who is terminally ill. His friend, John, is currently in hospital recovering from a serious infection and Robert was able to cheer him up by presenting him with his special song recorded on a CD. Robert is currently writing his début album which he will be back to record in the near future.

Finally, my new studio band, which consists of Howard on Bass, Rick or myself on drums, Mike or Steve on guitars and Susan on Vocals, have been in the studio on separate occasions recently. Firstly, Susan was in to record a vocal arrangement for a Wobbly Music release called “Angel in the Sky” that is currently being produced by Gabriel Landor for lyricist Joe Lefebre in the Bakehouse Online Studios. Secondly, the band came to the studio to record backing tracks for Lancashire’s Singing Bus Driver, Graham Cregg. Graham’s first release on the Wobbly Music Label will be a 2-track single called “Grandad” c/w “My Wife”, closely followed by his Christmas single called “Rudolph”. Both records will be available from and all major online stores in due course.

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