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Unlike most studios, my prices have always been in full view on the site. I have always believed in fairness for all. I don’t charge you an inflated price just because you look like you can afford it (even if you are famous!). Neither do I give a special discount automatically to those who might plead poverty. My prices are at the low end of the scale for studios already, yet I usually have a special offer available every month specifically for people who book online.

If you run a charity or are supporting a charity with your recording, I will be happy to consider your cause and possibly offer something of value that may help. If you are able to offer something in return, such as extra publicity or advertising, I would be more likely to offer something of a higher value.

Despite the visibility of my prices, I still get people asking what I charge. The simple answer is, the more hours you book, the cheaper it gets per hour. Most people will only want to book a day or less, so here are the rates for small sessions including myself as producer/engineer…

  • 1-3 hours @ £25 per hour
  • 4-7 hours @ £20 per hour
  • 8 or more hours @ £17.50p per hour

For details of file formats, mastering and optional extras, please see the “Facilities” page under “Mastering”

If you are a semi-pro musician or band, you might think your day-job would make it difficult to get good value studio time. Many studios are closed outside normal office hours, and those who do offer evening or weekend sessions usually charge a premium rate for them. So any loss of wages that you might avoid by booking a weekend session, would be negated by the higher studio costs. It is a lose-lose situation!

The good news is that at Bakehouse Studio, all hours follow the same pricing structure. Regardless of whether the 4 hours you want to book is on a Wednesday morning, or a Sunday afternoon, it will still cost £80. 

If you need to book sessions totalling a week (40 hours) or more,  you will get a drastically reduced rate of only £12.50p per hour. If you know what times you want to book, simply book your sessions onto the calendar now. The low price break kicks-in when you hit 40 hours or more. If you don’t know what days you want just yet, but still want to benefit from the low price, simply purchase the  “Weekly Rate”  service for £500 from the list of services below the calendar (Click on any date to see it). You will then be credited with 40 hours to use whenever you like. A unique voucher code will be sent to you which you can use at your own convenience to book the hours onto the calendar.

Please note: We are now open from 9am till 11pm Mondays to Fridays and 10am till 10pm on Weekends.. 

Ouch! I really need to record my single but I can’t afford enough hours. 🙁

No problem! Go to and sign a recording contract now!

What? Still not cheap enough? – Well, do you have cause to use a studio on a regular basis? Yes! Persuade Me! 

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