Bakehouse Studio

Where the heart of your music speaks!

The Online Studios are where my artists and session musicians collaborate with me on recordings for release on the Wobbly Music Label.

UPDATE! – Feb 2018
Wobbly Music is currently undergoing restructuring in order to better serve our signed artists. New deals will be online at in due course. Go along and subscribe for further details.

As a result, the online studios are currently closed, and will re-open at a new location in due course. All existing unfinished projects will be shelved due to a lack of communication from the artists and/or collaborators invloved. If any of the artists involved want their projects finished, they will need to sign one of the new record deals that will be available soon.

I am still interested to hear from new artists and musicians who would like to collaborate on future projects. All projects are Royalty-based unless specified otherwise. Please join one or more of the skillsets below if you’d like to be considered for any forthcoming sessions. I will have a temporary server where you can upload and download files when necessary.

When you send the form, you will receive an email where you will need to click the link in the email in order to confirm your subscription.


Multi-Talented Collaborator!

Fill-in this form only if you have two or more of the below skills. You will receive notifications by email of ALL SESSIONS in progress, some of which will be irrellevant to you. Only subscribe to this form if you don’t mind receiving a few irrellevant emails


Electric or Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Uke, Banjo, etc


Keyboards or Synth


Bass Guitar or Double Bass


Brass, Woodwind or Reeds


Vocals, Voiceovers, Foley


Strings (Violins, Cellos, Harp)


Drums / Percussion


Producer / Arranger


Composer / Lyricist