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The Control Room

The facility uses a Mac Pro/LogicPro X digital recording system at 24bit/96Khz with Focusrite pre-amps that have additional high end pre-amp emulations on 2 of the channels. Up to 8 tracks can be recorded simultaneously, and unlimited overdubs can be made without any degradation of the sound quality. Guide vocals, keyboards, or acoustic rhythm tracks can be recorded from the Control Room to enable separation from drums on the initial backing track.

In addition, the control room houses a Casio velocity-sensitive keyboard for midi input, a wide selection of software instruments, samples and effects, a Roland SRV2000 Reverb (primarily used on the monitoring system), a Drawmer Dual Gate, Twin Cassette Decks, and a Genelec/Samson/Behringer monitoring system with 3 separate headphone mixes.

The Live Room

A fully soundproofed live room measuring approximately 13′ by 11′ comfortably accommodates a band of up to 6 members with an acoustic 4-drum Premier kit and PA system already installed. Please give notice if you are planning to bring your own drums so that we can remove the house kit in advance of your session.

If you are a choir or acoustic ensemble, I can remove all the house equipment to make a little more room that could accommodate a choir of up to 15 people or an ensemble of up to 8 people and their instruments.

There is seating in reception for up to 6 people, and seating in the live room and control room for 2-3 people. The studio is small, but I am happy to let you move the furniture around to suit your needs!


A range of quality microphones from Shure, SE Electronics, AKG, Fame & Beyer allow us to capture your sound without unnecessary colouration and with as much warmth and detail as possible. Active DI boxes with speaker emulation and a Line 6 X3 Live Multi-effects Guitar Pedal complete the range of input devices.


A range of basic instruments including a Casio velocity-sensitive Keyboard, electronic and acoustic percussion from Roland & Premier,  a collection of Latin percussion, Westfield bass guitar, Hohner 6-string & Aria 12-string Acoustics, electric guitars from Fender and Epiphone, Mandolin, Ovation Ukulele, Keech Banjolele and many other miscellaneous instruments, are available for those who like to experiment, or are having problems with their own instruments on the day.

Production & Arrangement

The studio is owned and run by Lynn Monk who has over 40 years experience in sound engineering and production. Having successfully mixed the live sound at concerts for many internationally famous artists, Lynn turned to record production in the mid 80’s and worked in several recording studios before forming Wobbly Music in 2000. After a few years of producing mainly commercial projects, Lynn started the Wobbly Music record label in 2004 and worked remotely online with her own signed artists based in all corners of the Globe. Being a percussionist herself, Lynn saw the need early on for a soundproofed live room. In 2010, after 3 years of construction, Lynn opened her newly refurbished recording studio to visiting local artists and independent projects.

The studio boasts a comfortable & friendly atmosphere with light refreshments of Tea, Coffee & Biscuits included. But as an experienced record producer, Lynn offers so much more than the average project studio. Included in the price are her skills as sound engineer and producer. This enables you to concentrate on your performance without wasting valuable studio time listening back to every take. Coupled with Lynn’s talent for arrangements and commercial hooks, you can be sure that any ideas that might be needed in order to bring your music to a wider audience, will be forthcoming during the session.

If you are a solo artist or songwriter, Lynn can supply the musicians you need in order to make your songs come alive. Anything from drum tracks to lead guitar solos, synths or backing vocals. Lynn can call upon her studio band, or call upon her database of session musicians who work from their own studios remotely online to provide the tracks that your songs need for the lowest possible cost.


Unlike many other project studios, every recording (time permitting) is Mastered to ensure that even a demo will be “Radio Ready” and able to compete alongside music from the major labels on your local or national stations. We favour a form of mastering that doesn’t over-compress the music. This keeps a fair amount of the natural dynamics and emotion in the music whilst still being loud enough to play alongside current releases without having to adjust your volume control.

Upon completion and settlement of any outstanding fees, your mixes will be supplied as digital files that can be downloaded from our server, or transferred via bluetooth or USB to any device that you bring to your session. Each song is mixed and mastered to the following formats:-

A Master mix at 24/96 (DVD Audio)
A Master mix at 16/44.1 (CD Audio)
A 128Kbps stereo MP3. (Download Store quality)

Alternative formats, processed stems or edits can be supplied upon request at the following rates.

Converted to additional file formats (E.g. 320Kbps MP3, FLAC, ogg, AAC, etc) – £1 each
Saved to CD – £2.50p (“Yellowbook Standard” Printed Data CD – Mixes only)
Authored to “Redbook Standard” CD audio  Printed Master CD with ISRC embedded – £10 + £2.50p for each extra copy.
Saved to DVD – £3 (Data DVD – Stems and Mixes)
Recorded to Music Cassette (Tape) – £10 (24/96 Mix only)
Written to a new 16Gb USB stick – £10 (Whilst stocks last)

Vocal A Cappella Edit – £5 (Required for Sync Licensing)
Instrumental Edit – £5 (Required for Sync Licensing or live performance)
Unedited & unprocessed Audio files (all saved performances) – £2
Dry (Unprocessed) Audio Track bounces – £10
Processed Audio Track bounces – £5

Other special requests such as Timed edits, Dance remixes, Radio Edits and Gig Medleys can also be made upon request. These take extra time but can be booked at our cheaper “Remote Production” rate of £12.50p per hour. This can be paid for upon invoice or ordered from the services list that appears when you click on any date on the calendar. Order multiple quantities: 1x = 1 hour, 2x = 2 hours, 3x = 3 hours, etc.


Please enquire about our other services…

Post-production | Re-mixing | Mastering | Re-mastering and transfer from cassette to CD | Backing tracks | Demos | Song production | Online Music Collaboration | Song-writing, Top-Line Composition, Lyrics and Musical Arrangements | Video, Film & Theatre soundtracks | Advertising and Jingles | Royalty-free or Copyright-free music | Music for Games | Drum Tuition | Photography | Video Editing | Record Deals | Artist Management | Events & Showcases | Master classes in various Music skills | Web Design | Music Marketing | Music Sales & Music Licensing


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