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As a project studio, I generally see more vocal artists and songwriters than bands. What some of these vocal artists fail to realise is that without their own band, they either have to rely on purchasing ready made backing tracks, or “beats”; or they need to save up considerably more money to make an original track than a band would need.

It is great fun making original music. Really, the sky is the limit on the sounds that you can create. When you have your own band, you will all come into the studio and play your parts and can quite often complete a good demo of 5 or 6 songs in a day, costing only £128 in studio time. But as a songwriter, vocalist, or rapper without the necessary skills to play your own music, the studio time required to produce a demo with a simple band arrangement using session musicians can easily take the bill over the £200 mark for a single song.

I often get asked if I can make “beats” or musical arrangments for a new song. Of course I can, but I don’t have anything “ready made”. People producing ready made beats will licence them to perhaps many different artists in order to make enough money to cover the cost of production. This reduces the cost for an artist, but it also means that the music wont be unique to you. Many other artists will be working with the same music. The other disadvantage is that you will have to re-structure the song you wrote to fit around the music. Fine for a demo, perhaps, but it never gives an ideal result if you want to release it as an original song. You wont find a chart-topping rapper or singer using a “beat” that was pre-made. They will always get the music arranged around their song, not the other way around.

Arranging music around your song is what I do best. That way, I can use the music to enhance the feel and genre of your performance and your lyrics, instead of having something that doesn’t quite match your artistic vision. In order to achieve the best result, I may need to use a few different session musicians to help in getting the sound your song needs. I can also cut your costs a little by playing the drums, percussion and keyboards myself in most cases. If you do play an instrument yourself, I can incorporate your performances and add whatever the song needs on top of that. So you may start with an acoustic guitar, but if your vision is to have a full band or even an orchestra, no problem!

Building arrangements from scratch can sometimes take a number of weeks, depending on the availability of the other musicians. The mixing and mastering may also take up to a week, depending on whether it is for a demo or for a master release.

Other studios who specialise in producing demos, will often use the same band of musicians for every song. This means that every song they produce will sound similar to the last. Again, this is fine for a song demo, but if you are trying to form your own unique identity as an artist, this can be very limiting. Here at the online studios at Bakehouse Studio, I have over a hundred session musicians, who each have talents in various genres. I can therefore match your song to the kind of sound that would be suitable for it, and hopefully come up with a sound that will be unique to you.

Unless you are coming into the studio to record a part yourself, such as the vocals, you can benefit from a cheaper studio rate for the majority of this process. Remote production is available to purchase for only £12.50p per hour as opposed to £20 per hour at normal studio rates.

If you regularly require songs to be produced from scratch, check out our Studio Timeshare Scheme. This could get your music produced for as little as £8.50p per hour.

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