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For this month only I’m extending my PAY WHAT U LIKE offer to the whole month. Formerly, this has only been available on the first Monday of each month. But this month, it applies to EVERY DAY.

A small non-refundable booking fee will be charged to deter time-wasters, but the actual fee you pay at the end of your session is entirely up to you. I trust you to pay what you think the service is worth to you. For an indication of the normal rates we charge, see our PRICES page. If you are unhappy with the results of your session, you are free to walk away and pay nothing more.


  1. This offer is only available until 30th June. However, if it is successful, I may extend it. Check back next month for more details.
  2. This offer applies to studio hours bookings made directly. It does not include other services such as vouchers or remote production.
  3. This offer only applies to sessions that are completed in one day. My opening hours are 9am till 11pm, so the maximum time you can book is 14 hours. Sessions that run over, will have to be booked as a separate booking that will require another booking fee to be paid, or if the offer has expired, normal rates would then apply.
  4. “Studio Time” denotes the time that you booked to arrive till the time you leave. All mixing and mastering; file conversions; and transfers to your designated device, must be completed whilst you are on site. If you want me to do any of this work after you leave, you will be charged my usual rate for remote production of £12.50p per hour.
  5. This offer is only supplied as digital files. CDs and printing are not available on this offer. MP3 Files can be sent to your phone by email or Bluetooth. Full quality WAVs 24/96 can be downloaded from our servers and will be available for 24 hours only. Stems can be made available upon request for a surcharge of £25 to cover file prep and data transfer. They will be made available  on our servers for 7 days and you will be emailed when they are ready for download. Please note that stems of a band project can total around 1Gb in size.


Go to our booking calendar at and click on the date in June that you want to book. Add the hours you want to your cart. Scroll right to the bottom of the page and click on “View Cart” Add your details and then add the word “book” in the space provided and click “Checkout”. You will be directed to Paypal to pay the booking fee. Your booking is now confirmed and you will receive an email with all the details.


Phone 01254 232539 stating the date and time you want to book, the project you have in mind for the session and the number of hours you require. Please phone from where you have access to the PayPal website. We will hold whilst you transfer the booking fee to Once received, your booking will be confirmed. The booking fees are as follows:-

  • 1-3 hours at £2.50p per hour
  • 4-7 hours at £1.50p per hour
  • 8-14 hours at £1 per hour

Payments made at the end of your session must be in cash, or via Paypal. Cheques are not accepted.



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