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During September & October Bakehouse Studio was given a joyful ambience by an amazing family who embarked upon a series of our X-Factor Video Xperience Sessions…In the end they had amassed two full CDs of songs (26 tracks in all) and the four videos that can be seen below.

They thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and want to encourage others who like to sing to take the plunge and record sessions for themselves. Here is a letter I have just received from them. It will be added to the testimonials on my home page in due course…

Hi Lynn just a few words to let you know how much we enjoyed our X-factor Video Experience.

As you know I wanted to do the video with my parents and brother and sister (the Haywood Family). This was to celebrate many years of singing in the family car as children and then in the later years at karaoke.  Although we are not the best singers in the world we love to sing and enjoy the experience.  The only one of us with professional experience was my brother Ronnie in his youth when he was in a band.  Our father, Arthur, had also sung many years ago when the club “turn” had let them down.  Needless to say you did not have a lot to work with!

Having explained what we wanted over the phone you suggested your X Factor video experience which was on offer at the time.  We booked the studio time and duly turned up word sheets in hand and with some trepidation.  We need not have worried as you immediately put us at our ease and explained the process to us.  You had endless patience and even took the time to explain a lot of the software to Ronnie who had a particular interest. Over the weeks that we came to the studio we had lots of fun and I think this can be seen from the video.  We enjoyed dressing up and acting and have all had great fun watching it.  My favourite moment is my dad on drums for Twist and Shout.  He played them as well as I played the guitar!!  It is years since I have laughed so much.

My dad was thrilled with the video.

My sister said, she thinks it is great and loves it from start to finish.

Ronnie said, he enjoyed every minute from first arrival at the studio to the finished product, especially with the invaluable help and information you gave him.

I say thank you so much for giving us such a fun memento for our family to treasure through the years.

I hope from this you will find other families or groups of friends who will take the plunge, splash some cash, dress up and just have some fun!!!

Best Wishes

Lindsey Leng (nee Haywood)

Here are the finished videos. I hope they brighten your day as much as they have illuminated mine!

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