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Well I have nothing booked into the studio for the rest of this week, so I’ll be able to grab a few hours to work on some “in House” projects in progress. This lot is just skimming the surface of all the projects that are currently inhabiting my hard drive!

Last night I finished mastering Deep Angel’s Début Single, “All I Ever Wanted” for the Wobbly Music Label. Over the next few evenings, I’ll be preparing all the paperwork to upload to the Catco Database for it’s release. I’m currently aiming for a release date of Tuesday 11th October, but I’ll keep you posted. It will be going into all the major online stores, so I hope you’ll visit your favourite store later in the year and download a copy!

I’ll also be doing some more work on the mix for Call Me DIVA’s next single, “Men of War” for the Stiff Water Music label. We’re currently discussing a possible B-side, and a song I finished mixing for the album, called “What in the World” looks likely to fill that spot.

Mark Longworth still has his vocals to record for his Début Single release. Now that my vocal mic has returned from the mic hospital and is now fit and well, I’ll be contacting him to arrange another session.

My songwriting collaborators have submitted some music to lyrics written by Début Single artist Joe Lefebre. I just have one demo to mix down, then I’ll be sending them all to Joe for his approval. The chosen song will then be recorded as Joe’s Début Single for the Wobbly Music label.

New signings to the Wobbly Music label in recent weeks include dance vocalist “Amber“, and Rap/Hip Hop  artists, “SK Boss” and “Manga Jim


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