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Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s the time that most of us start thinking about what we’d like to achieve over the coming year. As far as our music career goes, that may involve finally taking the plunge and quitting the day job; but for most of us that prospect is just too scary. Particularly if the music gigs haven’t yet brought in the kind of money you need to live on.

If you’re just starting out, or have been thinking about doing something positive for far too long, I may have just the solution for you! Many of you will resolve to go into a studio, perhaps for the first time, to see how your voice sounds, or to record a song you wrote that you think may have some potential. Perhaps you have written a multitude of songs over the years and although you resolve to do something more positive, everyday life, work and family commitments just seem to creep up and take priority. It is so easy to just make the excuse “well I never got around to it this year, but maybe next year…”

The simple fact is that without a firm plan that is booked and paid for, something else will almost always take up the time that you could be using to kick start your new music career. This is where I come in!

Just over a year ago, a new local rap duo decided that they would do something more positive in 2014 to get themselves established as a serious unit. So they took advantage of the launch offer I had for my new Timeshare Scheme. With my help and advice and regular monthly visits to the studio, they have not only progressed vastly in their performance and songwriting skills, but now have their début album nearing completion; an official website with their own mailing list; a social media networking and marketing plan; promo videos, demos, and an original single in progress for release later in the year. They have at last started to be noticed by local fans, concert organisers and even local radio. They are called LDMP. Check out their website at

For the price of a new Smartphone contract, your music career could be getting the same treatment … and you don’t even have to leave your day job .. yet!

Resolve to do something POSITIVE with your music in 2015 … sign a Timeshare agreement NOW!

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