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How would registering for your online studios help my music career?

Being a member of Bakehouse Studio Online could help you on several levels. If you are a hobbyist who is looking for ways to make some extra income from your music skills, you could find information on our private forums to give you new ideas for finding work and marketing yourself. If you are a hobbyist who likes to participate on some of the music jamming sites, you can do the same thing here, but with projects that will be released on the Wobbly Music label. Thus getting your session skills out on records that are going to get more exposure than something that is just done for fun. Then there is always the possibility that a record you helped to create will become successful. This would then bring you some income from the royalties allocated to you from the session. If you are a semi-pro or professional artist, collaborating on other artists releases will help to build your portfolio and give you greater credibility when approaching other music business professionals. Then there is the possibility that you may meet another member who will become a personal friend and co-collaborator on your own music projects.

Do I need to buy any special equipment or training manuals in order to be a collaborator?

Full support can be given on the forums if you experience any difficulties, but it is surprisingly cheap & easy to get set up for online music collaboration. I have a tip sheet available here.

How do you know that I’ll be good enough to participate in a session?

I don’t. But every project is different and will suit different styles, sounds, and levels of playing. Sometimes a raw, edgy sound is preferable to a polished, technically perfect one. All collaborators first upload MP3s of their tracks to their home folders for the producers to audition. If your contribution is chosen, you will then be required to sign a session contract before uploading the wav files of your tracks to the tracking room.

What happens to my contributions after I’ve uploaded them? How do I get paid?

Audition files that are not chosen for the final project will be deleted once the project has ben completed. Tracks that are used in the project are archived by the company after completion. All collaborators are sent an MP3 of the finished project for their own portfolios. Collaborators retain the copyright to their individual tracks for perpetuity on royalty-based projects. On “work for hire” projects the copyright in your performance passes to the company upon payment of your session fee. Royalties are calculated on all net profits received from sales and licensing of the recording and your royalties will accrue in your account until it is at a sufficient level to be economical to send to you. This level is currently set at £25. You will need a verified Paypal account in order to receive royalty payments. Full details can be obtained from reading the contracts online.


How do I submit my songs for consideration?

We do not work like a song library. As a collaborating songwriter, you will be notified when we are looking for a particular kind of song. You may then upload an MP3 of the best song you have that fits the requirements, or you may wish to write a song specifically to meet those requirements.

How do I get one of my own projects into your studios for a release on your label?

Go to and sign a recording or distribution contract.

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