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Look here for any special offers or promotions that can save you money on your next recording session.

This month and next month there will be none of the usual special discount codes. Instead I have decided to offer something very special to any band or artist who decides to book studio time to record an EP or Album before the end of October.

This is a very exclusive deal that may not be repeated!!

What I am going to do for you is to release your resulting EP or Album on my label. You wont have to sign anything except an agreement for me to collect any resulting royalties on your behalf. I will forward 100% of any income that comes in from any airplay or public performance of your recordings. By having a bona fide release, it will be eligible for the National charts (if you sell enough). It will also be easily traceable by companies who may wish to license your music. Of course, it serves to protect all your copyrights as well.

Secondly, I will design a special WordPress site for you from where you can promote yourself. It will come with 6 months free hosting, after which you pay just $12 per month to keep it.

Lastly I will design a banner add for you and use it to promote your release on my network of sites for 3 months.

In order to benefit from this offer, all you need to do is book enough studio time to record at least 4 songs to master quality for an EP. Then just let me know that you want a bona fide release and I’ll get all the admin done for you!

Massive savings this month on studio time if you purchase a 24 hour studio time voucher. A full 20% off the price saves you £72. Being a voucher also means that it can be redeemed at any time in the future, so you’re not confining yourself to using the time this month. Purchase the voucher before 31st August to benefit.

Use voucher code – AugOffer120805


Another month … Another Offer! This July I’m offering a 10% discount on my Audio & Video X-perience Sessions. That’s almost a £10 saving on the Audio X-perience and a £15 saving on the Video X-perience. Continue reading


USB sticks that is! Not drumsticks … I got those a while ago!

The neat silver metal 16Gb flash drives are now in the studio waiting for people to come and claim them by booking 8 hours or more via the booking calendar on the home page. They are a lot smaller than I expected. Not much bigger than a USB connector, so one can easily plug into those difficult bays between other USB connectors, where the USB sockets are very close together. There is a large hole in one end that enables you to attach the drive to a keyring, or make yourself a cool pendant. (Well gold medallions were all the rage once) in fact these are better, you could even wear one as an earring!

So just imagine … Your whole finished recording project loaded onto one of these 16Gb drives that you can take away and keep for years to come! Move your project onto other media and you can re-use the drive as your music library holding over 5000 MP3s; or your video library holding over  22 full length feature films.

I only have 20 of these available, so book your session now!


This month I’m getting another batch of USB sticks in to give away FREE with every booking of 8 hours or more. The last batch was offered last October and were snapped up almost immediately. These ones are likely to go just as fast as they are super cool slimline silver ones!

Their 16GB capacity is more than enough space to hold the more demanding projects (Our largest project to date was around 12Gb). And of course, you can keep it and re-use it over and over again to store your personal music projects, videos, photos and documents. You need never have the excuse that you left an important file at home again as you can use this as a keyring or funky pendant!!

I’m expecting delivery of this new batch of sticks in a few days, so make sure you nip over to our calendar and book your session now, as stocks are limited to only the first 20 sessions. Use voucher code USBjune120603 when booking.


This month’s offer is for £10 off my beginner’s drumming course. At only £89, this equates to one free lesson, even though the course is already half the price of individual lessons. This course is suitable for anyone of any age who has had little or no experience of playing drums. Continue reading


This month I’m encouraging more new local bands to make use of the studio for their initial launch by producing their demos or independent releases in order that they can use them to get more gigs or build their fan base… Continue reading

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