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It’s taken me a long time to get around to editing this footage, but at last I can bring you a “behind the scenes” look at the session from Journeyman in October 2010.


Jazzy 3-piece acoustic band, Bright Shapes were the second act in the studio last week. Bright Shapes, consisting of Jane on Vocals, Kurt on Guitar, and Josh on Bass, were in to record the final 3 tracks for an EP that they started recording in another studio.

I managed to get closer to the sound they were after, so I also re-mastered their other 4 tracks to bring a more consistent sound to the EP. Whilst here I also did a bit of filming, and although I didn’t manage to get a complete song on camera, there is some interesting “behind the scenes” footage that I will be editing down shortly for the blog.

Bright Shapes have some more songs in the pipeline that they want to record, so hopefully, I’ll be seeing them back here in the not too distant future.

Last night, Lancashire powerpop band, Call Me Diva, were in the studio for the first session in the creation of their next single. Further sessions will be completed over the next few weeks and the single is scheduled for release sometime in September. Perhaps I’ll even get a video together for the sessions (provided I can persuade “Camera-shy” Guy to come out of hiding).

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