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The latest updates on the many ongoing Wobbly Music projects

This week, newly signed to my Wobbly Music label, a young band from Southport came in to record their début single.

The band is called STONE HORIZON, and you can check them out on Facebook. Their single is currently being mixed and will be released in spring next year. Here is their live video of the song… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s the time that most of us start thinking about what we’d like to achieve over the coming year. As far as our music career goes, that may involve finally taking the plunge and quitting the day job; but for most of us that prospect is just too scary. Particularly if the music gigs haven’t yet brought in the kind of money you need to live on. Continue reading

Well I have nothing booked into the studio for the rest of this week, so I’ll be able to grab a few hours to work on some “in House” projects in progress. This lot is just skimming the surface of all the projects that are currently inhabiting my hard drive! Continue reading

Deep Angel are a brother/sister duo based in South Africa. They have been signed to Wobbly Music for a few years, but due to various commitments at both ends, I am only now getting somewhere towards completing the project. Continue reading

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