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Yes, I know…It’s ages since I last posted a session update. Not that anyone reads them! LOL Most people spend most of their time on Facebook or other social media platforms these days instead of following blogs. In fact, one of the reasons my blog has appeared abandoned is because I’ve been spending most of my time on Facebook too! Originally it was just because many of my clients have taken to using it to message me about sessions instead of using email or the phone, so I stayed logged in to make sure I gave them a timely response. But since taking on a new management team, I’ve been making a lot of changes to my record label, Wobbly Music, and that has included putting a lot more of my time into marketing my new artists on social media. Anyhow, that’s another story…

Exitpenguin being his usual alien self.

For the past two days I’ve had the company of EXITPENGUIN in the studio to make a start on his Début album. It is a work in progress that is probably going to take several months.

The main object of this exercise was to lay down some backing tracks of Drums and Guitar or Drums and Bass for the first 4 songs.

As usual, when you start jamming and working on ideas, some magic might happen! Our previous sessions with EXITPENGUIN were completely unplanned and both times after a lot more jamming something unique and exciting came together. At the time we passed this off as just a fluke. This time there werea lot more pre-production discussions and exchanging of demo ideas before the session so the songs we had planned came together a lot more easily. However, the magic happened again with a completely unplanned song that we jammed in one take and has as much energy as the best of the planned tracks. Although its still the very early stages, we have great expectations for this album to be EXITPENGUIN’s finest work to date. Coupled with cameo appearances from some very talented friends and collaborators, this will be an album to watch out for!

August saw a new signing to Wobbly Music, ANGELA LEWIS BROWN, in the studio to record her début single for the label. A classic rock sound with a powerful blues/soul vocal; she and her new band recorded two classic covers; “All Along the Watchtower” written by Bob Dylan but made famous by Jimi Hendrix; and “You Do Something to Me” by Paul Weller.

Also, in session in recent months have been THE DAVE STRIDER BAND who are still working on their début album despite a few line-up changes delaying the release. A single was released from the forthcoming album, but the next release from them will probably be a “live” EP whilst final changes and mixes of the album are being completed.

THE JOHNNIE SQUIZZERCROW EXPERIMENT were about to lay down the last few tracks to complete their EP trilogy, which is to be the next release, when sadly, the bass player and founder member passed away suddenly and unexpectedly within just a few days of their last session. RIP Johnnie Squizzercrow. We will be finishing the EPs off and releasing them in his memory in due course. After that the band will not continue.

Italian guitarist and songwriter RENATO brought his solo album to the studio to rescue it from a standalone digital recorder that would no longer save his work to disk. After successfully exporting all the stems to my system, Renato is taking advantage of my lower rates for remote mixing of only £12.50p per hour. He is very pleased with the results so far.

DAMIAN JOYCE was in the studio recently to record vocals for a client. The job was completed successfully in a short space of time. We are looking foward to Damian recording his next album here.

Well that is just a few of the more notable sessions from recent months. I apologise to those who I have missed from the dozens of sessions completed in the time that I haven’t been posting, but I didn’t want this post to go on forever! LOL. I’ll try and keep you updated here when I can, but if you want the latest, you can catch up with me anytime on Facebook

SuicideBakehouse Studio will have been open for 8 years come October. In that time I have only raised a few of my prices once. In the main, they have remained firmly in the budget deal end of the market. But sadly, over the past two years in the UK, I have seen my weekly food bill more than double; and all other services such as gas , electricity and water, not to mention council tax, have risen considerably. It is now no longer viable to sustain the business at these prices, if I am to continue to improve my level of service to my clients.

I’m hoping that you’ll continue to find the new prices competitive with studios with similar facilities. I have plans for many new services to be added over the coming months; including live video broadcasting and new record deals.

The new rates are below, but if you purchase an 8-hour voucher within the next few months, you can get it for even less than the old price of £128. I’m hacking £40 off the new price of £140 for an 8-hour session and it’s available until May 31st. Just click on any date on the calendar and purchase the “8-hour Gift Voucher” from the drop-down list of services that will appear below the calendar, then enter the code, PriceHikeBuster in the coupon field.

  • 1-3 hours @ £25 per hour
  • 4-7 hours @ £20 per hour
  • 8 or more hours @ £17.50p per hour
  • Weekly Rate (40 hours or more) @ £12.50p per hour
  • Timeshare deals £39 per month (£9.75p per hour)
  • Remote production (Mixing/Mastering) remains unchanged at £12.50p per hour

See the website for further details.

Existing Timeshare clients will continue to pay the same monthly rate until their 5-year renewal option, or until cancelled.

It’s “Black Friday” today … Apparently! – So for today only, all prices at Bakehouse Studio will be 50% DEARER!!!

Why? Continue reading

Steph ParsonsonFew people like getting up for work on a Monday, but this coming Monday is a bank holiday in the UK, so few of us will have to!

Here at Bakehouse Studio, though, I will be getting up for work, because it happens to coincide with my Monthly OPEN DAYContinue reading

Dont-ya-come-a-knocking-Cover-1440The début 2-track single from Janett Helliwell is now on sale from SeniorSounds and all major online stores.

Singer/songwriter Janett Helliwell takes us back to the roots of Rhythm & Blues with a hint of jazz thrown in on the B-side for good measure.

Janett is a real “mature artist” having spent most of her life in a “proper” job, she has chosen in her retirement to bring some of her songs to life with new arrangements and a vocal quality that takes us back to the fifties era of singers in the vein of Etta James, Lena Horne and Ella Fitzgerald

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