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SuicideBakehouse Studio will have been open for 8 years come October. In that time I have only raised a few of my prices once. In the main, they have remained firmly in the budget deal end of the market. But sadly, over the past two years in the UK, I have seen my weekly food bill more than double; and all other services such as gas , electricity and water, not to mention council tax, have risen considerably. It is now no longer viable to sustain the business at these prices, if I am to continue to improve my level of service to my clients.

I’m hoping that you’ll continue to find the new prices competitive with studios with similar facilities. I have plans for many new services to be added over the coming months; including live video broadcasting and new record deals.

The new rates are below, but if you purchase an 8-hour voucher within the next few months, you can get it for even less than the old price of £128. I’m hacking £40 off the new price of £140 for an 8-hour session and it’s available until May 31st. Just click on any date on the calendar and purchase the “8-hour Gift Voucher” from the drop-down list of services that will appear below the calendar, then enter the code, PriceHikeBuster in the coupon field.

  • 1-3 hours @ £25 per hour
  • 4-7 hours @ £20 per hour
  • 8 or more hours @ £17.50p per hour
  • Weekly Rate (40 hours or more) @ £12.50p per hour
  • Timeshare deals £39 per month (£9.75p per hour)
  • Remote production (Mixing/Mastering) remains unchanged at £12.50p per hour

See the website for further details.

Existing Timeshare clients will continue to pay the same monthly rate until their 5-year renewal option, or until cancelled.

It’s “Black Friday” today … Apparently! – So for today only, all prices at Bakehouse Studio will be 50% DEARER!!!

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Steph ParsonsonFew people like getting up for work on a Monday, but this coming Monday is a bank holiday in the UK, so few of us will have to!

Here at Bakehouse Studio, though, I will be getting up for work, because it happens to coincide with my Monthly OPEN DAYContinue reading

Dont-ya-come-a-knocking-Cover-1440The début 2-track single from Janett Helliwell is now on sale from SeniorSounds and all major online stores.

Singer/songwriter Janett Helliwell takes us back to the roots of Rhythm & Blues with a hint of jazz thrown in on the B-side for good measure.

Janett is a real “mature artist” having spent most of her life in a “proper” job, she has chosen in her retirement to bring some of her songs to life with new arrangements and a vocal quality that takes us back to the fifties era of singers in the vein of Etta James, Lena Horne and Ella Fitzgerald

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