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If you have never recorded in a proper studio before, it can be a rather daunting experience. Here, I help you to understand the process and give tips on how you can be better prepared for your session.

Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s the time that most of us start thinking about what we’d like to achieve over the coming year. As far as our music career goes, that may involve finally taking the plunge and quitting the day job; but for most of us that prospect is just too scary. Particularly if the music gigs haven’t yet brought in the kind of money you need to live on. Continue reading

As a project studio, I generally see more vocal artists and songwriters than bands. What some of these vocal artists fail to realise is that without their own band, they either have to rely on purchasing ready made backing tracks, or “beats”; or they need to save up considerably more money to make an original track than a band would need. Continue reading

Signing a contract for anything is not to be taken lightly. Yet far too many people who enter into agreements (some of which can be life-changing), fail to take legal advice. Whilst legal advice isn’t compulsory, it is recommended. Particularly if you don’t thoroughly understand all the terms in your contract. Continue reading

I am a singer and I would like to contribute to some projects in your studios but you keep mentioning this thing called a “DAW”. What is it, and how can I get one? P.S. I don”t have a lot of money to spend!

There are a lot of articles and even a few videos on the net that try to explain how to set up your own Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Yet I still get this question asked a lot. Primarily this is because the solutions on offer are either too complicated for the average person to understand, or recommend hardware that is too expensive for the average musician to afford. Continue reading


What is the difference between a bona fide record release by a record label, and me just releasing and selling it online as soon as I’ve recorded it?

An independent artist is perfectly within their rights to release their own music online as quickly as they wish. There are now distributors that accept membership by independent artists, so it is quite possible to get your music into all the major online stores via one of these distributors. However, if you are hoping to get into the National Charts; or collect performance royalties for any airplay or public performance of your music, it will need to be registered properly by a record company member of a PRO (Performing Rights Organisation)

Continue reading

Tips for a successful Session

It’s been a year since the first 3 episodes of this series. Those first three episodes actually covered just about everything necessary in the advance preparation, so this new episode is really about what you can do DURING your session to ensure the best end-result. Continue reading

What if I want a remix made at a much later date?

If you have a record deal with us, your project will be saved on our archive drives for as long as space allows. We used to upload our projects to a data centre in the USA that offered a “Files Forever” service. Unfortunately, when we came to need some old files for re-mixing we discovered to our horror that the company’s data centre had been damaged beyond repair and most of the files had been lost. Of course they gave me my money back, but it just goes to show that unless you have multiple backups in different locations, nothing is ever 100% safe. This is a point to note now that many people and large organisations are transferring all their data to “the cloud”. Continue reading

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