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Next, I painted the whole room white with 2-3 coats of exterior paint.

Why exterior paint you ask?

Well, I think it covers better, is more hard wearing (has sand in it), and fills in all the small blemishes.

The electrician then arrived and fitted all the lighting, power sockets, and smoke alarm. They all had to be surface mounted to ensure that the room remained air-tight. Fitting all the ducting took him a bit longer than it would have if he had been allowed to drill holes for the wiring.

Then disaster struck! Something tripped out on the fusebox and the power and lights went off. The electrician had to return the following day to investigate.

It turned out that another electrician, who originally put in the wiring, had fitted a faulty cable that tripped the fuse. This cable fed the lights in the bedroom, but was connected to the hall lighting circuit. He had to remove the bedroom lights and will have to channel a new cable in at a later date.

Also, his colleague, forgot to put a cable in for the hall light switch. So now I have had to remove all the bulbs in the hall lights except for one low wattage bulb, as I can’t switch them off! He will have to come back in a few weeks to put in a new cable.

This means that some of my new plastering in the hall will have to be destroyed to channel in a new cable.

At least the electrics inside the soundproofed room are OK.


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