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Bearing in mind that my new studio was the room where I originally had my office, music and recording equipment, bed, kitchen, furnishings, and even band practice!… Where have I put it all?

Well, here you see my temporary office, currently installed in the adjoining room that has been newly repaired and decorated ready for its dual purpose as the kitchen and studio control room.

Here I sit currently compiling this very web page! (9/11/08 @13:29 on this cold & wet Sunday in Lancashire, UK).

Beside me to the right is where the studio furnishings will be built. In this picture you can see the party wall insulation in progress next door.

The double-glazed window that is leaning up against the wall originally came from the gable end wall of the room next door. It was replaced by a new unit during the major repairs last year and will shortly be used in that connecting space as one of the studio control room windows.

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