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In the first picture I have started to fix the acoustic treatment into the control room area. The second picture shows the finished result, complete with the paint and tiles on the new door that leads to the old store room (Later to become the new store & WC)

Here you can see the other side of the room with the window through to the live room and the furniture fitted. I painted the desk with a couple of coats of black and white Hammerite. It actually gives a really smooth, glossy, & hard-wearing finish to the wood that is in my opinion, much better than gloss paint!

I have only just noticed something strange in the corner just above the shelf! What do you see? It sort of ties in with the history of the building and the unexpected comments from the drummer in the first band who came to record here once the studio opened for pre-launch. Leave your comments on the site and I’ll come back to this later.

The finished result! It’s a pity that the pictures don’t quite line up.

In this picture, I’m just starting to move the equipment over from my makeshift “Temporary” desk that I have been using now for the past two years!

There are three large holes cut in the rear of the table-top that I will be feeding the cables through. It turned out to be a tight squeeze as there are so many cables. There are still more cables running along the desktop than I wanted because the holes are full.

Phill never did finish this room completely. I had planned for a folding dining table to be hinged to the wall where my makeshift desk is, but it never happened. Instead, I’ll probably be using the “table”, which is actually the original solid dough bench where all the bread was moulded, in the new reception area that is scheduled for completion in summer 2013.

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