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2010 - Central area is where the new W.C. will be built

The rear of the property has a small back yard. In 2005 it looked like this. On the left is the oven and on the right is the store room with the entrance to the side.

Garden Entrance 2010

The back door, which was replaced whilst the bakery was in operation, had seen better days. Even with a padlock on it, the kids managed to kick it in. The yard was concreted over very roughly and was cracked in several places allowing weeds to grow through. The surrounding walls were also in danger of collapse.

New Patio Area - 2013

What a difference!

Two new walls have been built and the party wall has been repaired. The whole wall has been raised by about a foot to stop kids from climbing over so easily and to offer the musicians a bit more privacy. New paving has been laid.

2 Musicians chilling out in the new garden area 2016

Furnished & Planted!

A couple of musicians chilling out between sessions in 2016.

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