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It’s “Black Friday” today … Apparently! – So for today only, all prices at Bakehouse Studio will be 50% DEARER!!!


Yes, you did read that correctly. All my prices today have been increased. This is my demonstration against the uprising of blatant consumerism. We don’t need another “excuse” to go out and spend more money than we have on things we don’t need, just so that the shops can clear the unsold or discontinued stock, to make space for the new stock coming in for Christmas.

However, this isn’t bad for my business. It will show that for 364 days of the year, my normal prices are already among the lowest you’ll find for a similar service. All I need to do is cover my bills. I don’t have shareholders to pander to, or any wish to own more of something than I need. That is why I pass these savings onto my artists and clients and help them to produce the best music they can.

What’s more, it is also a good opportunity to remind you that Monday 5th December is my next open day, where you can even get away with paying nothing (if you’re really that skint after giving all your money to the multinationals today). I still have a few hours left on Monday 5th, so call me now.


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