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If you are a band or musician with an outdated or no official website of your own, you need to get this offer!

If you book sessions in the studio; or remote sessions totalling 8 hours or more; to record, mix and/or master your next project before 30th November 2015, I will design, host and manage your official website for 6 months* completely FREE.

The website will be responsive to view on any device and will include the following features:-

  • Your own domain of your choice. E.G.
  • Website management that includes daily software updates, weekly backup and restore service, Security monitoring and Brute Force attack protection.
  • An easy-to-use control panel where you can upload media and write your own content.
  • A free business email account – e.g.
  • A free personal email account – e.g.
  • A Contact Page.
  • A Biography Page.
  • A blog for your Music.
  • A blog for your Videos.
  • A blog for your News.
  • A blog for your Gigs.
  • A blog for your Pictures.
  • A Newsletter and subscriber list.
  • A private download area with some free goodies that will help you promote your music.
  • Direct links to your Social pages and email accounts.
  • A free advertising banner and entry into my banner network of over a dozen websites for 3 months (Value $97)

PLUS! Many optional extras!

Web Site Montage

To get your free website, all you have to do is book online or by phone and then email me with the details and graphics you want to use on your new website.

* This service is currently available at $37 per month. This offer saves you a total of $222! Your website will expire after 6 months unless you subscribe to the service from the link provided in your website control panel. Upon subscription, some additional benefits such as extra downloads and SEO will be added to your site.

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