Bakehouse Studio

Where the heart of your music speaks!


Bakehouse Studio is Accrington’s cosiest project studio and home to indie label “Wobbly Music”

Sample Reel

Excerpts from a few of the projects recorded here. (More can be found on the testimonials page)
The first three samples had Lynn sitting in on drums. The last sample is from a 12 minute dance remix that was made from a band track that was also recorded here.

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  • Studio time available from only £12.50p per hour! (Weekly Rate)
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  • Cosy, relaxed atmosphere.
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  • Use of instruments included.
  • Projects supplied in 3 file formats.
  • Mastering to Bluebook and Redbook standards.
  • Stems available upon request.
  • Session musicians available.
  • Remote production available.
  • Pre-production rehearsal time for only £25.
  • Unique gifts and gift vouchers available.