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Where the heart of your music speaks!
New Sessions enter the Online Studios periodically. Watch this space for details.
Studio 1 – On Standby – Con Con the Don, “One Mind” – Next Session TBC. (Awaiting artist response)
Studio 2 – Now in Session, Joe LeFebre ”Angel in the Sky” – Now mixing.
Studio 3 – On Standby – Jennifer Gilliland “Wanting More” – Next Session TBC. (Awaiting artist response)
Studio 4 – Next Session TBC. (Awaiting artist response)
Public Collaboration Studio – Now open! – Current session(s) … I Am What I Am (Folk/Country/Pop) | No Title (Symphonic Metal)

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My record label, Wobbly Music, is the only record company that opens its studios to public online collaboration. The online studios, aside from holding the projects that are in progress for future release, also house my private music forums.

To gain access to the online studios and forums, you need an account authorised by admin. There are two levels of membership; "Guest" & "Collaborator".


If you are just starting out in the music business or are looking for information that will help you turn your music hobby into a means of earning extra income, you will find a growing web of information on the forums that will help you to do so. You will also have access to a dropbox, where you can upload your work for review and advice. You wont have access to the studios themselves, but you will be able to communicate with me, and with my collaborator members and artists on the discussion forums. Membership is only $1.95 per month or $20 for the year. This is cheaper than it would cost for a single critique or review on other sites!. You can upload multiple recordings for review during the term of your membership at no extra cost. Please Click one of the buttons below to subscribe, then await your login details by email.

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If you have a vocal, instrumental, writing or production skill, you can join as a collaborator. Membership is free to collaborators, but I do expect you to audition for at least 4 projects per year. Although a few of my projects will pay a session fee, the vast majority of my projects are royalty-based. If you don't mind working for a royalty rather than a fee most of the time, please sign up to your skill base by clicking the button below and wait for your login details by email.

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If you already have your login details, please make sure you are signed in, then click on the button below.


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