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My latest WOWCHER deal is going live on Saturday 4th April, and will be available to purchase until the end of the month. Once purchased, the Wowchers will be redeemable up until the end of July, but you don't have to book your studio date at the time of redemption. When you redeem your Wowcher, I can exchange it for one of my own vouchers that is valid for up to 12 months. This gives you extra time to plan your recording session.

With the option of an 8-hour session for the first time on Wowcher, it opens up the offer to working artists and bands who need to record professional demos or even a master recording for release. A whole day in the studio for only £54 (saving you £74 on the cost of a normal 8-hour session)

Click on the image to go to the Wowcher site.90070

We’re offering you a 2-hour recording session including one track on CD or MP3 for £15, a 4-hour recording session including up to 3 tracks on CD or MP3 for £29 or an 8-hour recording session for £54, saving you up to 62% off  our usual prices.

NOTE: This deal is ONLY available through Wowcher.

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